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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Great Indian Divide

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When I reached Rameswaram, he opened the main door of the hotel. When the hotel manager was explaining me about the dress code, he also pitched in with broken English. When I came out of the hotel wearing vesti, he gave me thumps up smile emoticon

His name is Mohan. He is a security guard at the hotel where I was staying in Rameswaram.

I checked out of the hotel at 12pm. After visiting Dhanushkodi, I reached the railway station at 6pm and found it was tough to find a seat in a passenger train. To my surprise, I found Mohan at the railway station smiling and asking what am I doing here as I had already checked out at 12pm. He was going home after his duty hours. Then he helped me to find a place to sit in the train and we talked for the next half an hour in broken English.

He was a fisherman. He stopped finishing due to back pain. Now he works as a security guard earning 5K per month. Out of which, he has to spend 30 rupees on daily commute and 10 rupees for morning tea and his day starts at 3.30 am. Yes, his duty hours are 5.30 am to 5.30 pm and he lives an hour away from his work place.

He asked if I am having a government job or a private job. He asked how much it cost for monthly accommodation in Hyderabad? He used his own imagination and asked if it is 1K?............. I was silenced for the next few moments. A person who earns 5K and counts 10 rupees for tea for his expense, I felt quite embarrassed to quote how much rent I pay each month.

Just a few hours ago, I had lost 600 rupees at the beach. As I was alone and didn’t have any means to keep my money safe while I take a dip, I had kept it in a polythene in my pocket. When I reached the hotel, I figured out money had dropped. It pinched for a couple of minutes. Yes, only a couple of minutes. But when I talked to Mohan, I realized what I had lost was three weeks of expense for Mohan’s daily commute.

Wonder we are developing every day or increasing the great Indian divide between different classes.

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