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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pressing the "Restart" button

Apart from increasing gray hair and higher policy premium, there are a lot of benefits of ageing. With growing age, experience also grows. So is our perspective towards life. 

Then there are moments which forces us to look at our inner self. The way we have lived, believed, acted or reacted, which has only strengthened with the passage of time.

After spending few months in hibernation, I am going through this churn. It is like samudra manthan. Tough but much needed. You need to fight all inner demons till you find amrit at last. 

While I work on finding amrit, I realized there have been activities, which made me felt complete and content. They were very much part of my existence. However I had stopped it completely - not sure it was a conscious call or purely unconscious.

Morning Pooja
There is an instant connect when you sit in front of god, like a child. You may pray in any language, you may even talk to him like having a conversation or you may not even talk at all. The experience itself brings peace and calm. I love to treat god like a friend or a father. I never worship or believe in him out of fear. I believe in him because I believe he exist. Because he guides us, helps us, inspires us and well, even teaches a lesson or two at times.

I love to recite Sanskrit Shloka and do a mala of "Ohm Naham Shivay". This had stopped for a while. Now time to restart.

Restart Traveling and Exploring
I never knew how much I enjoy this until I took my first solo trip to Hampi. I felt a part of my life, which was incomplete and thirsty, got completed. I feel a tremendous sense of connect when I travel to places which I had heard of and always wanted to visit. And then there are places which I had never thought of and just bumped into.

No I do not want any exotic overseas vacations. I do not want luxury holidays. All I need is places within India which satisfies my soul. Provides me solitude. History, mythology, nature - everything works. Now there won't be any better place than Hampi to start with.

Restart Reading
I started reading when I was still holding my father's hand to cross a busy street. Though my father always insisted that I should try to do it on my own - crossing the road. I am blessed with a family where reading is cherished. All types. From classic novels to current affairs to decoit tales from Chambal valley to spirituality. I still spend my vacations at Rajkot reading all those books which my father has collected over the years.

Now off late, I have also collected all types of books right from mythology to history to politics to motivational to autobiographies to the latest one "The Accidental Prime Minister". 
It is the time I start reading.

Restart Writing
My first tryst with writing occurred after visiting Hampi in 2009. Writing is an amazing experience. To share, to express. You do not need someone in front to express what you think, believe, feel. All you need is a desire to share and words which are ready to come out. Finger starts moving and sentences are formed. Inner thoughts are expressed. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Complete Reading Bhagwatgita
I have read till chapter 8. Though I carry it with me every single day in my backpack, I had lost contact with it. However, whenever I read it, I have always found peace and answers in it. I will start reading again.

And for some of you who missed my food updates, hmmmm... may be few good pics will do the trick :-)

I am sure I will be the same person once again. Of course with few flaws corrected. Well then I should say, I will be an improved person. Not because anyone is forcing me to be but because I want to be. As I said earlier, ageing is a wonderful phenomenon as it allows you to look at life, self and surroundings in a different perspective.

The beauty about life is - there is always an opportunity to introspect and improve. Thankfully, no age bar defined by god.

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