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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Once again...

4th April 2011 - That was the last time I wrote a post for my blog. Today it is 3rd May 2014.

1125 days passed by in between.

I never told my father about my blog. There was a reason. One fine day, one of my friends, with all his enthusiasm, showed this blog to my father. That was practically end of my writing.

My father was worried about me writing my opinions, especially about politics. He believes that the type of society that we are living in, it is better to keep opinions to self and not to express in public. He suggested not to write such things.

So I locked my blog for a few months or say, years. Only now I opened it recently.

Today I was going through my blog and it felt like a father looking at a child. I wondered where and how I stopped writing. May be I had lost my appetite due to frustration with the political situation in the country.

Then circumstances changes. Existence craves for those activities that makes one feel happy, content and complete.

I am inspired to write. Again.

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1 comment:

Anand said...

Yes Mihir is Back...feeling exciting. ..about your blogs...

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