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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharad “???” Pawar

I am not an economist. Neither have I known intricacies and nitty-gritty of economics to understand why prices of essential commodities are sky rocketing.

But do I need to know economics to talk about price rise? I am the one who suffers. I am the one who has to pay 100 Rs for 1 kg of daal and 50 Rs for 1 kg of sugar. Being a sufferer, I have all the right to speak up against price rise.

I just saw this very interesting debate on Times NOW involving Abhishek Manu Singhvi from Congress, Ravishankar Prasad from BJP and Sitaram Yechuri from CPI – M. Even as a super ignorant soul having no background of economics, it was easy for me to make out that our grand party has screwed up this nation – once again – just like they have done since 1947.

For a change, there was no cunning smile on Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s face and he was struggling to answer the questions. Though being a lawyer of Supreme Court, he didn’t have any conniving answer and was fumbling, going round and being super defensive in his approach. After all, how long can you defend wrong doing?

Its rubbish to say it’s global phenomenon and prices in Vietnam and Pakistan has increased by 100% while in India, it has increased only by X percent and hence we are a better nation. Give me a break!!!! India is not Vietnam or Pakistan! When it comes to positive, you want to compare India with China and USA and when it comes to negative, you want to get away by giving reference of Pakistan and Vietnam? My foot.

BTW, rest of the world praises India for being the largest democracy in the world. LOL. They don’t know that our democratic system is so farce that largest democracy in the world is suffering at the hand of just one man named Sharad Pawar. And those 1 billion people are absolutely helpless to do anything! What a system! And what a spineless population!

And do you know even bigger irony? Our food economy is screwed up and common men like you and me are suffering at the time when this government is headed by an eminent economist! Oh looks like you have forgotten Mr. Manmohan Singh :-) ? LOL! Not your fault. It’s difficult to remember puppets for long after all.

Now I never had any liking for Sharad Paward and this price rise issue has taken my disliking for him to a new level. I hate to see his face, hate to hear his voice and am extremely annoyed whenever he makes statement about price rise. Honestly, I am trying very hard to find out someone who I hate so much as Sharad Pawar (…and someone who can come close is our esteemed foreign minister S M Krishna due to his super impotent statements and lack of competency to be a strong foreign minister).

What has Sharad Pawar done as an agriculture minister? Except making statements which further increases price, is there any other thing that this incompetent minister has done in last one year? This guy did everything to wash off his hand from something which is his primary responsibility : Right form blaming states to climate changes, he has tried all possible tricks to divert the blame. If you want to know some of the samples, here we go…

I must say “Disgusting” must be the middle name of this man. Suggest me a better name if you know.

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Kruti Jani said...

I think the whole government is responsible for the inflation.IF you have money thn you would be a king. But if people of India don't have money what should we do? The Government is treating us like this.

r!sh! said...

Last year or may be a year before... all grains in govt. godowns went rotten and before that, Sharad Pawar made a deal to import grains & sugar from other countries (of course at premium prices)... and guess who got the contract for that... (all in the family ;)).
He is very opportunistic... remember at the time of election they split with congress to contest independently and after results, he switched back as an ally.

Anonymous said...

If you go through all the statements made by him "Tirsat" is a better middle name for Mr. Sharad Pawar . Sharad "Tirsat" Pawar . :-)

Rahul said...

Sharad Pawar is a cancer cell, gives rise to corrupt officers and leaders. Its very shamful for a Marathi man. i hate him very much. He likes to suck blood of poor. Kruti you said thats it this happens in India but there should some limitation. if such thing goes on I am sure no matter how much you are reach, one day they will eat you too. If we don't support for right cause, remember wrong cause going to ruin you one day.

piyu said...

very true rahul...............this man is a plague to the nation ....takin corruption to the extremes.........i really dunno how he faces himself in d mirror daily..........

Anonymous said...

Well said Mihir U says that whatever is happening is bc Pawar
SO some honest questions to all--
(1)is pawar own all agriculture land in country-so from prize rise money goes to pawar's account & not to 70% of farmers in country
(2)All baffalos &cows owned by pawar and all benefit goes to pawar
(3)Pawar is industrialist & owner of all sugar factories so rise in sugar prices directly benefited him.

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