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Sunday, November 1, 2009

31st October...

I love India. You love India. We love India.

However when yours and mine grandfathers were born, there was no India. There were 550+ states with 550+kings having their own identify, boundaries, flag, railway line and even currency.

Then who brought these kingdoms under one umbrella and gave us identity as a nation?
Well, we owe our existence as a nation to one man – whom most of us have forgotten. He was a true nationalist. However, he is sidelined and marginalized consistently.

  • Because he cared more for the nation than his own personal image.
  • Because he was more interested in building a nation rather than flirting with a viceroy’s wife.
  • Because he dedicated his time to solve country’s problem rather than flying pigeons.
  • Because he didn’t have Gandhi / Nehru as his last name.
If you still couldn’t make out who I am talking about, then it’s not your fault. It’s bound to be when he is neglected outright – by his own party, by print and visual media, by those who write history books for schools.

31 October 1875
This is a very important milestone in Indian history. The architect of modern India was born on this day. Yes, I am talking about none other than THE IRON MAN of INDIA - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

31 October 2009
It’s Saturday in INDIA. Very same INDIA that was brought to existence by Sardar Patel. I am in front of TV most of the time as it's Saturday. I see all the channels are going ga – ga over Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who had died on 31 October 1984. As if there is a competition (to please a particular party/clan), channels are going berserk to outdo each other by bombarding programs about her life, her great(?) work, her assassination, various interviews of her associates and what not!

However, not a single channel dedicated even 5 minutes for the great man, who was born on very same day. And because of whom, we got our identity as a nation.

Shame on them. Shame on us.

As an Indian who still loves his country, I pay my sincere respect and express gratitude towards this great man. Hats off to you. If you had been the first Prime Minister of India, we would have been a very different (read BETTER”) nation.

A nation, a generation who cannot recognize and respect those who dedicated their lives for them, is surely on the path of self destruction.

I rest my case.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. I'm glad you feel that way. .... Well said ..had Vallabhbhai been the first Prime Minister of India, we would have been a BETTER nation .

RUCHITA said...

Absoulutely...but even i forgot that it is Saradar Vallabhbhai Patel's birthday today.I think it is media's duty keep sensatizing the audience about all this ...well what do i say its all about TRPs.

Nagraj said...

What can I expect from a country that calls Gandhi, Indira, Rajiv martyrs when they were in fact assassinated. Martyrs are ones who dies of their own choice. I am sure none of them would have stayed for their assassins to bury the bullet in them, each would have run

Biraj said...

Public memory is too short. What is in front all the time is generally seen & noticed.
Inspite of the total ignorance from all the mediums, as u hve rightly mentioned, there are still a few people like u who hve done smething to keep the word goin, is very nice.
Because Vallabhbhai Patel was a no nonsense person, he was not very well liked among his peers at that time & those peers who were then in power never let his due credit be given...n unfortunately tht thing got carried on till today's times.

Mihir said...

@Anonymous : Thanks :-) Please leave your name next time! :-)

@Ruchita : Yeah. Media has become either TRP game or a mafia who extracts money or a medium to please a particular party.. phew.

@Nagraj : Spot on! Couldn't agree more!

@Biraj : Righto. In political field, it's rare to find someone like Sardar. Because he was a no nonsense person, rest of the nonsense people made it a point to ensure he was not remembered.

Rushi said...

If he was made our first PM, 90% of problems from our neighbors would have been solved and we were far better of decades ago....

Kruti Jani said...

I truly appreciate your thoughts. At least, Indian media could have spent 5 minutes for Sardar Patel. As a media professional I must say it is media’s responsibility to sensitize people. However, now times have changed. Inspite of the fact that media is the voice of democracy, we must sensitize ourselves with our own concerns like saluting the freedom fighters if we really want to save our history and culture.

RUCHITA said...

Completlety true my friend ...you have forced to ponder over what you said..

shehjar said...

Shame on us that we do not remember the Iron Man! We owe our existence to this man. Had Nehru not intervened in J&K, Sardar Patel would have ensured J&K would never become a problem for India!

But, India didn't come into existence in 1947. It was re-united in 1947. India was a much bigger country than what stands today. It is the invaders, right from Babur to British who destroyed India (Bharat)!

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