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Monday, September 21, 2009

Is raat ki subah nahi...

With all due respect for the post (and not for the person), I believe you and I work lot more and are little smarter than President of India.


  • What if someone barges inside your house and tries to kill you? If you are brave enough to catch him alive, what will be your next step?
  • You are working on bunch of tasks. If you get one more task which is lot more important, what will you do?

Think about it. What will be your answer? Now, if you are President of India, this is precisely what you will do –

  • What if someone barges inside your house and tries to kill you? If you are brave enough to catch him alive, what will be your next step?
    You will catch that person and lock him in your bathroom for years. The guy will ask for mercy. You will spend next few years deciding what you should do next...

  • You are working on bunch of tasks. If you get one more task which is lot more important, what will you do?
    You will wait for all the pending tasks to be completed before looking into the new task...

Do not agree? Read on...

Mohammad Afzal, also known as Afzal Guru, was convicted of conspiracy in the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament and was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of India in 2004.

As expected, he sent a mercy petition to our “
busy” President.

Now our President is so damn busy with other “
important” tasks that President doesn’t have time to decide fate of this case. After all, our President is responsible for so many highly important things!

Don’t believe me?
Here are examples :
To stroll in mughal garden inside Rashtrapati Bhavan...to travel different countries...to pay occasional tributes to departed useless politicians...to read out government’s praise in their customary address to the nation on the eve of republic day...to sign bills and to dismiss state governments as per wish of the ruling party...And yeah, to enjoy lavish vacations at reserved bungalows

Compare to all these important tasks, Afzal Guru’s fate is such a small and unimportant matter. After all, he was part of one of the most gruesome terror attack to destabilize our nation. Huh… such a small and routine crime!

Ajmal Kasab, don't worry. You have many more years of life in front of you even if you are handed over death penalty. After all, your mercy petition will follow 28 others for which our "busy" President is yet to take a final call.

It’s been years since Afzal Guru's mercy petition is left undecided (
for the reasons, which are very easy to guess if you are willing to use your brain). And instead of expediting this matter, our law minister is busy teaching us why this petition cannot be addressed on priority basis : There are other 28 mercy petitions pending in front of the President and only after those petitions are addressed, Afazal Guru’s turn will come.

A peon, a CEO, an engineer, a scientist or even a criminal… almost every professional knows how to prioritize their work. Sad – looks like what you and I know, our president doesn’t.

Is there anyone who can teach our law minister and President how to prioritize tasks? Can you?

P.S. : To all terrorist - In India, a common man's life has no value. So you are free to kill as many Indians as you want. However, every terrorist's life is very very precious and hence, we take years and years to decide if we should kill someone, who has killed hundred innocent fellow Indians. So even if you are caught alive, India guarantees you years and years of life in advance.

Mera Bharat Mahan (?)

© Except picture in this post, all rights reserved with Mihir Rawal. To re-print or re-use, prior permission is required from the author.


Biraj said...

Bharat is certainly mahaan, but not the people who are ruling it! Indian law system sucks. The law was put in place in a time which seems like stone age now.. & somewhere along the way when everthing else was getting upgraded, upgrading the law was conveniently forgotten. How can a terrorist apply for a mercy petetion, is beyond me.

Abt the President's busy schedule, the less said the better. U said enough already. :P

Anonymous said...

couldnt have agreed more to you...and what really makes this really hard to digest is..that she was chosen over a capable and astute ex president like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam...I still cant forget the fact that during Mumbai attack period she was busy with some stupid foreign trip and continued with her trip...their conscious is not asleep or dormant as most say but long dead.


Jagriti said...

i agree with the sentiments expressed by you...if weeds are left unrooted, they kill the whole garden...

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