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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pinch Me Pleeeeeeeeeeeez!

I was angry. Then pissed off. Then frustrated.

Now I have reached Nirvana (except occasional frustration).

I am talking about traffic in Hyderabad. If you have spent some time in Hyderabad, then you would know what I mean.

But then traffic is bad everywhere. What’s big deal? (Oh now I am smart enough to guess your question :))

Aare hero, you have fever and your neighbor has cancer. Both of you are sick. Can you compare your sickness with him? There is a vast difference in magnitude and severity between fever and cancer.

If you are smart (and I know you will agree to that :)), by now you would have realized why I gifted cancer to your neighbor – to explain you the gravity of traffic problem between your city and Hyderabad. Your city has fever and Hyderabad has cancer.

It’s not just about roads; it’s about traffic (non)sense. (Talking about roads, my morning travel is filled with tossing up in the air and crashing back on my seat – I get around 40 bumps while traveling 8km in morning – and tomorrow I have planned to count number of bump / jerks I receive. So stay tuned for the update!).

I have NEVER EVER seen such hopeless and helpless traffic police in my life!I have NEVER EVER seen so many people driving in the wrong side! Sometimes I get confused to decide which the right side is! (okay this last line is exaggeration but I want you to get my point that it’s frustrating :()

It’s routine for me to have people honking behind me while I am walking on the road. These are the folks driving in the wrong side. And yes, they honk to force you to make a way for them… After all, it’s their birth right!

So tonight, while I was coming back from the work, I got down from the cab. I was walking on the road and all sudden – phew – yeah this bulky guy driving a macho bike was driving in a direction which was warranting a collision with me – and yeah, no prize for guessing, driving in the wrong side :)

This Mr. Bulky had to balance between vehicles on one side and pedestrians on the other side. After a little bit of maneuver, he passed just couple of inches away from me..

S O R R Y…

Ding dong.
What? Did I really hear the word “SORRY”??
Oh my my!
I can’t believe this! I want to confirm that it’s not a dream!

Oh Yeah! First time in last 4 years at Hyderabad, I heard someone saying sorry while driving in the wrong side!

I was sooooooooo happy that I went to the nearest mithai shop and had a bundi laddu to celebrate this occasion :)

P.S. : I was walking towards the mithai shop as my dad had asked me to have some sweets on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. “Mr. Sorry” gave me one more reason to celebrate my day :-)

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Biraj said...

Lol! Glad tht atleast one Hyderabadi managed to make u happy!!! ..never mind how he did it. :)
..n Yes, for once I'll agree wholeheartedly abt this one pathetic situation abt Hyd. Like Cancer grows, my annoyance also grows each time I get on the roads...even though I've been here all my life!

Swetha Iyer said...

Now you have become a true-blue hyderabadi Mihir. I have always felt that complaining of traffic is the birthright & pregorative of only & only its permanent citizens. Bangalore must loose all hope of regaining you. :)

Going by your analogy of fever & cancer, Bangalore I must say is then in the final stage of lymphosarcoma of the intestine (Anand, remember? hehehe)

Mihir said...

@Swetha : Oh Shwetz you need to visit Hyderabad once. If Bangalore has lymphosarcoma, then Hyderabad is already dead!

Phew! All these is making my love for Bangalore stronger and stronger! Can't wait for the day when I am back in Bangalore.. God.. Are you listening?

@Biraj : Good to see Hyderabadis agreeing to my observations :-)

Yeah it's frustrating to go out and that's why I prefer to stay inside and enjoy my own company :D

Somya said...

lol...after reading your and others rambling, am I happy that god was kind enough to keep me confined to NCR region...which though has nasty traffic but nothing as compared to bangalore or hyderabad(from what I have heard). In any case even I made a significant contribution to the state of traffic here...by refusing to drive(now that I have learnt to drive after much coaxing)...else I am sure we would have been at par with hyderabad and bangalore.
Interesting blog...though I'd admit I landed up on your blog coz I confused it with that of my friend's...well two of you share same blog name though the content I'd admit is as different as egypt and switzerland(decide amongst yourself which one is which)...btw her blog id is artihonrao.blogspot.com

Good luck and keep writing!

Mihir said...

@Somya : Thanks for dropping by :-)

First time I visited Delhi, I felt as if I had arrived in a new country! Without bothering about the bad side of NCR, I must say I simply LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV food in Delhi!!!!!

As far as Egypt and Switzerland are concerned, I am happy with either of them.. I simply love history and hence, Egypt is surely one of the place I would love to visit in this birth...

Take care and keep reading :-)

siddhanti said...

hey... :)

you made my day!! i grew up knowing only that kind of traffic.. & initially i found it difficult to adjust to rules in bangalore.. :D
i miss home...

Mihir said...

@siddhanthi : Thanks for approving my observation :-) Thumps up from one more Hyderabadi!

sunflower said...

Nice post.
'I was angry. Then pissed off. Then frustrated' - this i feel everyday, sometimes more sometimes less; however, Hyderabad is still much better compared to other metros like BNG, KLK

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