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Friday, August 7, 2009


It’s an addiction.

Yeah. F5 is an addiction (Nah it's not a spelling mistake and I am not even remotely referencing F1 GP)

I am talking about that cute little key which you have on your keyboard. This is the key I press the most! It’s such a “refreshing” key :) After all, anything and everything can be refreshed just by just pressing F5!

And this “refreshing” addiction has reached to a stage that when last time display on my TV was stuck; I was frantically searching for “F5” on my remote control!

Laugh yaar :-)

Alright. Now it’s time to “refresh” this blog! A new image (but you can’t get away from my face though :P), new colors and of course some new widgets :-)

Wish if life can be refreshed with such ease!!

I will be waiting for you “refreshing” feedback :-)

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Himani said...

heheh..I remember.. once after a 48 hour strech at office I ahd lost my mind ....and back at home while fiddling with TV channels I was trying to press alt-tab to switch between channels... lols

r!sh! said...

Hah ha!!! I hope you are not searching and ENTER key for anything... lmao!!!

Mihir said...

@Himani : LOL! Good to know I am not the only one :-)

@r!sh! : Hahahaha... Not so far!

Abhi said...

Well mihir , you must read that mail , which list out all sort of funny things IT Engineers have really tried doing after lot of work ... :)

Mihir said...

@Abhi : Send me that mail buddy!

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