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Monday, August 17, 2009

Din hai suhana (?) aaj 17 august hai…

16th August ‘09

11.00pm : I am feeling uneasy, restless and sad. I don’t know why :(
11.40pm : I am still feeling the same. I log off from the Internet. I am not sleepy at all. I will watch TV now.

17th August ‘09

12.00am : Couple of short phone calls.
1.15am : Switched off TV. I will try to sleep.
1.30am : Still restless :-|. Switched on laptop. Go online.
1.45am : Switched off laptop. I will surely sleep now.
7.39am : Something is ringing. Is it a dream? After a while, I realized it’s my phone.
Hmm..I am feeling feverish. I can feel body temperature higher than normal. Oh boy even throat is paining. Phew! Looks like Mr. Fever has caught me again :-(
7.45am : Get up dude! Leave the bed.
8.45am : Couple of quick phone calls. I am still sleepy. May be tired.
9.15am : I am going online to find out symptoms of swine flu. Phew – sore throat is listed as one of the symptoms.
9.30am : Should I go to the office? There are couples of meetings to attend. Hmm… Let me go and come back early.
10.15am : Leave for the office. I am surely not feeling well.
11.00am : Reached office. I realize my manager is not coming to work and meeting is cancelled. I will quickly check with my project team about few pending tasks.
11.30am : Left office.
12.00pm : Reached home.
12.10pm : Calling Apollo Hospital. I don’t want to take any chance! The operator said she will check and confirm the appointment.
12.20pm : A call from Apollo Hospital. I have an appointment at 1pm.
1.00pm : Meet the doctor. Thankfully, it’s just normal viral infection and nothing to worry :-). Buy medicine and come home.
2.00pm : Reached home. I will cook. I don’t want to eat out.
2.30pm : Lunch. Followed by medicine as dessert.
3.00pm : Oh! Power gone :-(. Huh. It will be restored only after an hour. I am on bed doing nothing. Thankfully, I fell asleep.
4.15pm : Wake up! Power is back. I am going online. Browsing here and there.
5.30pm : I will watch TV now. Tuning to Nat Geo for an episode of hijacking of an Air France aircraft. Pretty interesting.
6.00pm : It started raining! Wow! Welcome relief! :-)
7.00pm : It’s still raining. I am still watching TV. I don’t want to do anything this evening except being at home, watching TV and resting.
8.30pm : It’s still raining. I am watching “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma”. If you are a Gujarati, you may know that Tarak Mehta used to write (and still writing) his weekly column called “Duniya ne Ulta Chashma”. This serial is just picturization of that column. We knew all these characters since last few decades!
8.34pm : Writing this blog entry.
9.00pm : Thankfully, I am feeling better. Though throat is paining a little and body is still tired, thankfully nothing to worry.
9.10pm : I will upload this blog entry.

Don’t know what will I do from now till midnight.

P.S. : 17th August is my birthday.

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r!sh! said...

happy b'day!!!

Anand said...

Sorry dear HAPPY BELATED birthday wish take care

Whiterays said...

Many wishes on your birthday. :)

Mihir said...

Thanks buddies :-)

Ravi Lodhiya said...

Hey Happy birthday mate!!!!
Have a blast.... LOL!!! Get well soon.

It's time to be mingle. Don't be single comm'n start looking out for your soul-mate. And I bet ya your life will be more cherish.

All the best.


Mihir said...

@Ravi : LOL..well said. Yeah that's the next target. Let's hope for the best :-)

Avanti said...

Awww! that must've been one rotten b'day!! But look at the brighter side, atleast you're not infected with the flu :) Belated wishes for your b'day! Have a wonderful (and healthy) year ahead!! :)

Mihir said...

@Avanti : Righto! That was the positive side and I am glad that I am back to normal :-)

I hope, wish, pray next b'day will be a better one!


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