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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dil Titli… But Ad is Chipkali...

UfffffffLet me first mute this TV.
In 1990, I would need to walk to the TV just to mute it. Thank god in 2009, I can mute it while lazily resting on my bed :-) And yeah I need to use this feature quite often.
But why?
Well.. Let’s see if you remember this ad which used to come years and years ago… Where an executive is desperately trying to explain his boss his latest business plan inside an elevator? Hmm.. Boss doesn't react after hearing the plan and left... and while our hero is frustrated and walking alone in rain, his boss "calls" up… and he agrees to his planand our hero jumps and punches in the air with super joy!
Or remember that advertisement where an amazing tune is rendered by A R Rehman? He starts that tune on mouth organ just to make a little boy smile… That tune almost became national anthem!!
And remember that advertisement where two boys play football across the barbwires? This ad starts with tense environment featuring barbwires… and within few seconds, that amazing tune from Rehman and two cute little kids will win your heart…

I love watching Airtel ads. Let me correct – I used to love watching Airtel ads.
Not now. Or I should say not at least the latest one.
Dil titli.... it’s an amazing tune! Very sweet! It continues Airtel’s tradition of rendering amazing tunes.. one after another.
But the moment I "see" this ad, it makes me turn off. Come on! You cannot have such sadi si theme with such a lovely tune. I mean Saif changes his color just like a chipkali..!! The end is also as disgusting as chipkali... Alright.. Entire world knows that Saif and Kareen is a couple in real life… But why the hell they need to craft such an end?? WTF.

Though the tune is lovely, it still gives me gloomy feeling because it’s part of this tasteless ad. That’s the reason why I change channel or just put TV on mute the moment this ad starts... It’s really not in good taste. At least I don’t find it tasty.
Dear Airtel – You have given us some lovely dovely ads in past. You have rendered some really melodious tunes. After this ad, please give us something which we would not just love to hear, but also love to watch.
Till then, let my TV remain on mute for Airtel.
P.S. : Just read my friend's blog and found this beautiful Airtel ad. This is what we love Airtel for!

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Deepti said...

totally agree... the ad is really nice till Kareena come in, i mean, wats the point??!!

Anonymous said...

dil titli bole to dil butterfly...jahan accha phool dekha vahi ud jata hai....so it was obvious for saif to go to kareena ;)

sharmila said...

seriously!!!! aaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh

Swapna Akula said...

Chipkali! LOL!!!... Agree with you

Abhi said...

Airtel ads were really good . You know what ,yesterday i was planning to write a blog on airtel ads only :) ... and here is why .. i was reading my old diary and i came across following lines from airtel ad ( i liked them the first tiem i heard them and hence noted them down )... i am sure you will also like them

Nigaahen nigaahon se milakar to dekho ,
Naye logon se rishta banakar to dekho .
Jo h dil mein use kar do bayaan ,
Khud ko ek baar jatakar to dekho ,
Armaan dil mein dabaane se kya haasil hoga ,
Apne honth hila kar to dekho
Aasmaan simat jayega , tumhare aagosh mein
Chaahat ki baahein failakar to dekho
Dil ki baat batakar to dekho....

Biraj said...

The point of this adv as I understand it is, if one is holding onto any other network due to whtever reason, if u get something better, its OK to go after it. Tht's why the song, 'Dil titli sa..' Get onto Airtel seems to be the msg there.
Wht a poor way to send tht msg across!!

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