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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You have missed prepositions everywhere...

You have missed prepositions everywhere!” – This is the feedback I received from one of my friends after reading my blog. This happened just couple of days ago.

It’s always painful to read incorrect English (or any language). I agree. I also realized that it might have been little irritating for few of you to read my blog :(

Flashback Starts
From 1st to 12th standard, I studied in Gujarati medium (Gujarati is my mother tongue). English was just another subject which I studied – just like mathematics and science. In fact, my first introduction to English was in 5th standard. So at the age when you were conversing in English, I was still learning A, B, C, D.

It changed a bit in college as medium of instruction was English. However, usage of English was limited to writing exams and listening to lectures (which I never understood. For that matter, even if it had been in Gujarati, I wouldn’t have got anything out of it :D).

However, it changed drastically once I landed in Bangalore in 2001.

If you had stayed / visited / known Bangalore, you would have noticed that English is more or less, the first language. Be it in swanky foreign accent or heavy punjabi accent or typical south Indian accent, it’s the most preferred language for communication.

So I had two options :

  • Option 1 : Shut my mouth
  • Option 2 : Talk in English

As there was no point in shutting my mouth, I started talking in English. It took some time – yeah – but I managed and learned. Though I am not next to Shakespeare, I can still - at least - converse in English :-)
Flashback Ends

I have limited knowledge of English and very limited word power. If you are following my blog, you must have noticed that I don’t use lot of jazzy, swanky, funky words. Why? Because I don’t know many.

However, there is always a scope for an improvement.

I have bought this book and I would suggest you to buy this book (if you think there is an area of improvement). It’s written by Nisha Fillet, who worked in India for 4 years as a BPO trainer and she has captured the most common mistakes Indians make! I am sure this book will help me.


Disclaimer 1

The views, ideas, thoughts expressed through this blog are my personal (except at times, when I borrow content provided I find it interesting and I want to share that with you. If I do, I will let you know. I don’t encourage Plagiarism).

I am writing this blog with the limited knowledge and limited word power I have. You can agree / disagree with my views. I try my best to express my thoughts in grammatically “correct way”. However if notice errors and feel irritated, there is very little I can do. Read at your own risk!

So what can you do if you find errors in my writing? Thankfully, you have quite a few options!

  • Option 1 : Take it with a pinch of salt and continue reading.
  • Option 2 : Close the browser. Stop reading.
  • Option 3 : Continue reading and make a list of one dozen “chosen words” which you would love to hurl at me when / if we talk next time :)
  • Option 4 : Be a nice soul! Drop me a personal email with your feedback and I will ensure I pay due attention to correct my mistakes.

Disclaimer 2

I am a LEO. Fortunately / unfortunately, I have been bestowed with all the good and bad qualities of a Leo. If you are genuinely helping me, if you have the right concern, I will happily listen to your feedback even if you wake me up at midnight. However, if you are trying to make fun of me or pull me down, my instinct will take over and I will be nasty.

If you are reading this line, then THANK YOU very much for reading my blog. I love every reader who visits my blog. I love every reader who leaves a comment.

If you are a regular follower, thank you very much for your support! If you are not, you can always be the one :)

Keep reading! Keep supporting!


© Except image in this post, all rights reserved with Mihir Rawal. To re-print or re-use, prior permission is required from the author.


Dhwanit said...

Dude...you've given so many options to your readers....how about a simple option for you? Just run a freakin spell check....;-)

Mihir said...

LOL.. Thanks for the suggestion DD. However spell check won't solve the problem. It can only correct the spelling but not the grammar.

It also won't let you know if the word you have used is correct/appropriate or not as long as word is spelled correctly.

BTW.. Do you think I don't use spell checker :-)?

srishere said...

why care me tell. proposition or brit snob, no problem. u understand, i said, problem solved. why middle middle talking???

srishere said...

before you point out a speel misteak in my komment, follow this url too :D


Mihir said...

@srishere : LOL! Loved your comments buddy.. Keep pouring :)

Himani said...

hmmm... and you started a blog for this? :D

Priti said...

Chokra! Aa su che??? :P :D

Mihir said...

@Priti : Lajo, aa blog chhe :-)

Swetha Iyer said...

You Go Mihir!....English or No english we love the way you pour your heart into each post. :)

Awaiting your post on namma Bangalore and of course the pics along with it.

Mihir said...

@Swetha : Thanks Swetz! That's pretty encouraging :-)

Yeah I am itching to write about namma bengaluru... may be during this weekend...

For pics, you can check orkut... I have uploaded almost 50 pics there :-)

Thanks again :-)

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