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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raju (temporarily) ban gaya gentleman…

24th October 2005, Monday.

I am dressed up in shining black trouser and smooth silky wrinkle free maroon shirt. Aha how to forget leather shoes and leather belt! After all, it’s my first day at Microsoft! Yeah just like most of us, I am “dressed up” for my first day at new job.

Once inside the office, I realized on very first day that I am at a different place then I have ever worked before. Why? I saw my manager wearing jeans and my group manager wearing sandal! I was feeling as different as a crow among ducks (or vice versa :-).. I am just trying to be humble :P). Looking at people around me, I concluded that it’s against Microsoft values to dress up in formal attire :D

Immediately, I had a problem to solve. I didn’t have enough casual clothes! If you have known me for less then three years, then please trust me on this! Three years and nine months back, I used to dress up only in formals at work place and hence, I just had couple of jeans – nah – just one and few t-shirts apart from bunch of formal attire.

I immediately had to invest huge sum in buying casual wear – jeans, shirts, t-shirts and blah blah blah.

It’s been 3 years and 9 months. Now it feels as if only in my last birth, I used to wear formal clothes. In fact, it’s been to the extent that it’s rare occasion for me to wear “full” clothes :D. I always show up at office in my 3/4th and T shirt and that’s how people are used to see me.

10th July 2009, Friday.

Now due to bunch of reasons – some of the 3/4th being dirty and rest were either didn’t dry up or were not pressed – I decided to wear jeans this week at work. It’s been gradual shock at work.

To add to that – on last Friday, I wore a full sleeve shirt. Now it’s been ages since I went to office wearing a shirt (hey stupid – I am not inspired by Salman Khan.. It’s just that I wear T-Shirt :D).


Here is gist of reactions I received from my colleagues –

  • Who are you?
  • What's wrong with you?
  • Wow! You are getting civilized.
  • Did sun rise in east only?
  • Aha, you are becoming human.
  • Oh!!! You wearing a shirt!!!
  • Are you going on a date?
  • Now just change your hair style and you will easily find a girl.
  • Nah – this is not you. Just chop off your jeans!
  • Now you are looking like a Program Manager.

….And bunch of other faces with exclamation mark on their face and asking me “what’s wrong today”!

BTW my friend whom I meet every day at bus stop, didn’t recognize me when I waved at him from little far distance – as I wanted him to let driver know to wait for a minute till I reach to the stop. He admitted that he couldn’t recognize me in full clothes!

Now I am planning to sport super formal attire on Monday (now super formal does not mean wearing a tuxedo. It’s just wearing same kind of clothes as I was wearing on my first day at Microsoft).

Let’s see if I wear that on Monday. If I do, I will let you know how people reacted :-)

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