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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Exclamation and Explanation!

At last, after I don’t know how many years, I decided to wear formal clothes at work.

First time in last 3 years and 9 months, I felt as if I am going to the office. LOL. With casual wear, I never felt that I was going to a work place (you can take his as good or bad thing. For me, it’s good feeling :-)).

Today, I felt I should enter Infosys rather than Microsoft. Yeah with a formal wear, you are eligible to enter inside any services company (though I would need a neck tie to enter Infosys. Huh! Gale ka fanda :()

Now it’s been fun at work today. I have never seen so many faces with exclamation mark on their face! Every single person whom I met, had a comment on my look :D

There is this guy, who looked at me from the far and stated laughing and asked me from there – Engagement ho gai kya?

There is this girl, who looked at me and just couldn’t control laughing! She came all the way laughing and had bunch of questions on my attire (without controlling her laughter) – including the killer one – kaun se interview ke liye ja rahe ho :D

So what was I wearing today? Here comes exclusive picture – just for YOU!


1) It’s nice change to wear formal clothes once in a while. It certainly gives different feeling.

2) Full sleeve looks great. However, rolling them up feels great. Comfort yaar.

3) I spent more time answering the question – why I am in formal clothes – then I spent on doing office work.

And what all questions / comments I had today? Again, exclusive peek– just for YOU!

  • (With exclamation mark on face) What is this!!!!!!!!!
  • Who are you trying to impress ;)
  • (With a wicked smile) Surely you are going on a date ;)
  • How security guard allowed you to come inside?
  • Hmmm.. Shaam ko kisko milna hai ;)
  • Koi office me dekhne ko aa raha hai kya (I didn’t get this line. I got explanation from my friend that in certain cases, would be father in law and brother in law do visit office to confirm guy’s employment status :D)
  • Aare…Engagement ho gai kya…!
  • You are looking great!
  • Nah, ye kuch ajeeb lag raha hai…
  • Man, I have never ever seen you in formal in last X years!
  • Your regular clothes haven’t dried up yet?
  • Aaj tumne apni janam kundali ko thokar maar di (After hearing this, I spent next 60 seconds to understand this line and then asked for explanation. As per my “shuddh hindi speaking” friend, the meaning is : we all have our fate written in janam kundali. When we do something drastic which is against what is our destiny / fate, then it’s called “kundali ko thokar mar di”.)

Inside the restroom – guy next to me (I don’t know his name) – looking at my clothes : Yeah kya??…poore kapde!!! Kuch ajeeb lag raha hai yaar..

I was walking out of the restroom and another guy passed by.. Again, I don’t know his name and I can’t recall if I have seen him earlier… He just passed by.. all sudden, I heard – excuse me – I looked back – he asked me : “Is there any occasion today? You are wearing full clothes!

I was leaving office, came out of my floor and this girl was talking on phone. She looked at me with amazed face, stopped talking on the phone for a minute and had this question for me – “YE KYA HAI!!!

Tomorrow I will back to my normal attire. Can’t wear formal every single day. It’s not comfortable and it will lose charm.

Funny day. Indeed! :)

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Priti said...

I guess I have seen this shirt... yeh wahi shirt hai na???

Mihir said...

Yep! It's same shirt... Wow! Girls have amazing memory!

Himani said...

Ek hi shirt pehentey ho baar baar...take it off

G. Nagraj said...

Aaj tumne apni janam kundali ko thokar maar di, was this from our very own Manish Baba?

Mihir said...

@Nagraj - Hehe... Nahi that was from Vivek Upadhyay. He is as good as Manish or even better than him when it comes to speaking shuddh hindi!

Aarti said...

Unlike other people who posted their comments I am glad to know that you write, Keep on writing. Good luck.

Vaish said...


I work as an instructional designer and I am creating a course that's titled 'Dressing to work'. When we make a story board, we're expected to give our graphic designer an idea about the kind of images we want with the text. I just used your image (found on google images) as an example of appropriate clothing for men :D I got around to reading your blog post and was mighty amused.

ps: You could consider taking the course I am designing ;)

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