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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Love – Hate relationship…

Just like magnet attracts metal, I attract fever.

I am feeling feverish again :( In fact it started at last evening and I took some medicines as a precaution. Things were fine till today evening and now again it’s same crap symptoms of fever.

The whole experience of fever really sucks.

  • It strikes when winter ends and summer starts. It attacks when summer ends and monsoon starts. It will again come to you when monsoon ends and winter starts.
  • It always strikes in a combo Body ache, weakness, cold, headache, high temperature (sometimes even running nose, eye pain and sore throat)
  • It announces its arrival by mild body ache, weakness and mild temperate. It gives you couple of days to prepare yourself for the actual torture before symptoms intensifies.
  • Time comes to standstill when you have fever. You can’t work and you can’t do anything else. Day becomes very long, mind goes empty and environment turns gloomy. This is even worse if you are staying alone - You don’t know what to eat and you don’t have anything to eat.
  • There is no quick fix. It takes its own sweet time while striking you and then while leaving you.
  • All you can do is to beat your own record which you set the last time - how long you can stare at the ceiling while restlessly resting on your bed.
  • If you visit a doctor, he will give you standard set of anti biotic + suggesting rest for few days. You pay 100 rupee for medicine and 300 rupee for consultation to know what you already knew. Damn – if I rest for few days, it will anyway disappear.
  • It takes couple of days to recover even after fever disappears.

Well I am feeling mild body temperature, little bit of sore throat and weakness. I have taken medicine. I willl wait for tomorrow to see if this time I can skip my meeting with mr. fever.

Sadly, I have recurring appointment with fever at every 3 – 4 months. Sometimes, even after 2 months. After all, last time I had fever was in early April – not even two months ago :(

Huh – why I have this special affinity? I hate fever but fever loves me. Can I get divorce from this love – hate relationship?

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Himani said...

well if this gives you any relief. I get allergy and running nose twice a week, thorbbing headaches four times a weak accompanied by nausea and dizzyness and weakness :) and I never take Offs frm work.

You guys jus make mountain out of a mole hill. learn to bear the pain :)

Mihir said...

@Himani : LOL! How do you live! When was the last time you felt fully fit! My goodness...

Well it's been almost couple of years since I am fighting with fever which strikes every 2 - 3 months. And the whole experience is so frustrating. Especially couple of days prior to fever..

Anywayz I am going to doctor as taking crosin for 3 days didn't help much and I am still feeling feverish... Though not fever, but everything except high temperature.

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