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Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Interesting Consultation!

Alright. After fighting my regular war with feverish syndrome for last 3 days with the help of a blunt sword called crocin, at last I decided to find solace in a doctor’s cabin.

It’s been more than 3 and half years in Hyderabad and I have noticed that I have been falling sick very regularly since last few years. I wanted to knowwhy?

So apart from medical consultation and prescription, I received some interesting practical consultation from the doctor :)

  1. This repetitive fever has nothing to do with my immunity system. Fever is purely because of allergy!
  2. But allergy of what? Difficult to say. It can be environment, outside food, water and anything and everything around me (GRRRR... Can work be counted among that :))
  3. So after all, why it happens? Well it can be due to the place / weather around you. Sometimes change of place and weather is all that causes allergy.
  4. So what should I do to defeat allergy? Nothing. Either I have to get used to allergy or have to get used to getting repetitive fever.
  5. Any ultimate solution? Yes – leave the city!
  6. Any other solution which is not so dramatic? Yes – get married and have homemade food! (Now I can’t decide which solution is more dramatic among these two. Getting married may give me different type of fever – when I will look at credit card statement at the end of every month :-))

So how much I paid? Rs. 86 for medicine + Rs. 250 for consultation (their normal charge is Rs. 300 for first visit and Rs. 250 for subsequent visit. However, I am almost a “regular” visitor and hence, they charged me Rs. 250 even if I was visiting after 2 months).

Anyways, I am feeling better after taking medicines. It will take couple of days to feel “normal” again. However - at least as of now fever will be at bay till it strikes again.

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Murali Narayan said...


Jules said...

Try eliminating one food for a week each week to see if it helps.

indianitguru said...

Too good, But the doc is a fool to ask his regular patient who brings him most of his income to leave the city.
Or could it be that the doc is a lady and you are just making your allergy up just to meet that lady. Well then I think she just gave you that advise to get rid of you.
LOL. On the seriour side mate get well soon

Mihir said...

@Jules : Thanks! Good suggestion. I will see how to implement(which day to choose :-))

@indianitguru : LOL... well said buddy! Sadly - doctor is a guy and actually pretty well to do and hence losing one patient won't rub him much... Hmmm...Next time when I am sick, I will try another doctor to see if they also have same opinion... I will have to wait for the next round of fever though I am sure it will be lurking around..

Thanks for your wishes.

Himani said...

Crosin..or crocin..I think you're taking faux meds.. :P..and
P.S: We girsl earn hence can take care if out bills ourselves thank you..huh

Mihir said...

Chalo crosin ka crocin kar diya.. yaar bimar aadmi ki bhavnao ki samjne ki bajaye tumhe spelling ki padi hai.... he ram.

Avanti said...

Wow... this doc got paid for saying something even my maid could say. Yes, you should be changing your doc.

BTW, I love the pic in your blog-header... it looks so serene!

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Oh c'mon.. it certainly has to do with your immune system! Try some yoga, it might help.


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