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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fast Forward To Past…

A lot happened since last time I updated my blog. I mean a lot. India crashed out of T20 world cup and a news channel had flashing news - “Pahele Lutaya Taaj… Ab Lutai Laaj”… My 27 hair strands turned white, I bathe X times… Shaved X + 2 times… Cooked X – 8 times… (But winning Rs. 2.17 Crore jackpot and travelling to Africa to watch a lion is still pending though).

It’s been pretty busy week / weeks / month / months. So much that sometimes I forgot to breathe in between. Well either it’s too much of work or my inability to handle the work. Whatever be the reason, it won’t impact India’s GDP or bring more rain to Hyderabad. Anyways – I regained my senses just in time and hence still alive to write this blog :)

Good news is - though it’s been super hectic work, I didn’t forget to breathe!! Yippi!! Because I don’t remember it either... It just happens :)

So......After very long, I am having a weekend! Now don’t ask a stupid question – that weekend comes after every single week. Oh I told you not to ask that but you still asked… GRRRRR… Huh.. Anyways, it’s just that I have been working since last three weekends and hence they were weekends and yet not weekends.

So at last, I am having weekend!(Thank god you didn’t ask that same question once again :))

Friday morning brings sense of happiness. Friday evening brings happiness :) Even if you have to work over the weekend; feeling of Friday is always special!

Last evening while coming back from the work last (a FRIDAY evening!), I was chatting with a colleague who just passed out from a college a year back. Discussion went around hostel life and ended on staple food during the college days. While it was easy for her to recall (I just told you she passed out a year back.. Don’t you remember? Duh..) I had to do time travel and strain my grey cells as for me; college is something that in the last millennium!

What was the conclusion? Bread and Haldiram Ka Bhujiya! LOL… You thought thin crust double cheese pizza? Oh I didn’t even like pizza when I was in college.. In fact I had never tasted “pizza” as what you get in small towns of India at that time was Indianized version of Italian pizza where raw cheese and raw tomato were added as topping on a something which was round in shape and called Pizza. Pizza hut and aliens were same for me - I didn't see either of them. It’s only after shifting to Bangalore, I learned and understood and tasted a real pizza.

So coming back to the college days – I remember our room (floor I mean) was covered with plastic packs of different types of namkeen… To give company to those empty plastic packs, we had newspapers, empty water bottles and shoes on the same floor… Cleaning was considered as SIN. Alright – now if you are a girl, then don't screeeam “chheeeeeeee” and bring that "you-are-disgusting-pig" look on your face. Nah I am not racist; it’s just that every guy who stayed in hostel can relate with this scenario as much as a girl can relate with her temptation for shopping during the discount season!

I am still not racist – as long as speaking truth is not racism.

So again coming back to the conversation with my collegue inside the bus – the memories of breads and sev bhujiyas took me by storm and I was almost salivating :D I just couldn’t wait for the bus to reach near my house so that I could jump and grab breads and namkeen from the first visible shop with little money I had in my pocket…

Do you like Pani Puri? I bet you do! It’s rare to find a soul who can’t enjoy those yummy Pani Puris! In fact eating Pani Puri is an experience in its own. The next best thing after orgasm! I just can’t resist jumping to the nearby shop and have heavenly experience whenever I get a chance :)

But why this Pani Puri came in between bread and sev bhujiya?

Well after I got down from the bus, first shop I saw was my favorite Pani Puri shop and as I couldn’t resist, I treated myself with 5 minutes of heavenly bliss. After that, I jumped to the next shop (counting whatever little money I was left with) and bought two packs of Kurkure, one pack of Sev Bhujiya and one packet of bread. I was sooooo tempted that I finished one pack of Kurkure almost there and then and after dumping rest of the packs in polythene bag and bringing my animal instincts out, I crossed the road. (you need that to cross the road. If you are sane human, you will spend rest of your life standing on one side of the road while waiting for traffic to stop for you by the time your grandchildren will get married).

I haven’t eaten bread for a very long time but again, memories were riding so strong that I tore open bread packet while walking on the road. Now you need some very good skills or strong urge to tear open a pack while carrying a backpack, having both hands occupied in lifting bags (I also bought some vegetables and hence, two bags) and yet trying to open a pack of bread with whatever free fingers you have… But again animal instinct (or my strong urge) prevailed and I torn the packet and had a bread on the road while walking towards home :)

By the way a dog almost jumped at me (and threatened to death!) just to be restricted by the chain he was tied with. Thank god! I became a Lion again :)

So after remembering college days, in less than 30 minutes – I gulped a plate of Pani Puri, munched a pack of Kurkure and hogged bread without any accomplishment.

Really fast forward to past :)

© All rights reserved with Mihir Rawal. To re-print or re-use, prior permission is required from the author.


Purav Shah said...

adbhut varnan karyu chee.....i almost went back to my hostel days.

keep writing, its refereshing...

Avanti said...

wow! You need to take a looooong, deep breath (and not just normal breathing) Thats too much happening too fast! ;)

Bhupesh said...

Nice One Mihir !! But What about Paani Puri given as part of evening snacks in cafteria ? Will you say the same..LOl :)

Mihir said...

@Bhupesh : LOL... Pani Puri served in our cafeteria is nothing but insult worth suing them! You should try one at Madhapur (Keshav Reddy). It's pretty good! My staple diet over the weekend :)

Biraj said...

Tell me why do u need to travel allll the way to Africa & watch a Lion, if u yourself r one? ;)

Mihir said...

@Biraj : Well, just to meet my bro!

chandni said...

once wid my frds,every body was supposed to say something on the topic "the best moments of my life" and FROM MY SIDE - "eating panipuri after leaving the office at the Thalevala infront of my house" are the best moments, I consider, of my life

chandni said...

aah now I cant stop my self, I ll have to rush for panipuri - kurkure and bread.
I m just counting moments to b free from work.
AND I ll take care of dogs around -lol... while eating

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