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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lights... Camera... Action! (and a Smile :-))

It’s 12.30am…Cricket match is going on between Pakistan and New Zealand… Well today I worked for the whole day to finish pending office work (yeah it’s Saturday though :(). It’s late night and I don’t want to work anymore. I just decided to browse tones of pictures I have stored in my laptop…

And a BIG SMILE on my face the moment I started browsing picture of my last trip to Mumbai in December 07... Why ? Here is the little story...

I went to Mumbai to attend wedding of a colleague. Now I have this habit of carrying camera everywhere I go. So during the reception while we were savoring yummy food, I took out camera to click few snaps and all sudden, this tiny, cute, lovely boy passed in front of my camera… Noticing that I was clicking picture of something else, his dad immediately asked the kid the move out of the frame. Well I just smiled at him and pointed my camera at him to click a pic and not to leave him disappointed..

Boy…! I didn’t know how spontaneous and talented this kid was! After clicking first pic (and checking that on LCD screen of my digital camera), he went on spree to pose like a model! Within next 2 minutes, he gave me more than 10 poses!! Here was the ritual – he will give a pose, I will click, he will rush to me to check that on LCD and then rush back to give the next pose! This continued till his family (sitting in the background) took him with them for dinner…

Just have a look and you will know the reason behind a BIG SMILE on my face :)

IMG_0558 IMG_0561
IMG_0562 IMG_0563
IMG_0567 IMG_0570
IMG_0568 IMG_0569

...and now you are also smiling :-)

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Biraj said...

Kids are the only people who actually live. They have nothing to prove -or- not prove to anybody. Hence, they spread their 'living' (read happiness) to everybody around. :)

Glowingdeeps said...

heheheee..... Sweet .:))

Anonymous said...

lol!!! I must say he is a star.... sikho kuch

Avanti said...

Kids ALWAYS manage to look cute in photos. Such innocent & full-of-life beings!

mofi said...

In d last pic, is it his bro, he gives d best expression!! real nice!!:)

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