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Friday, May 22, 2009

What Next?

When I was a kid, I read a book – “How to make model planes”. After that, all I wanted to do was to make such model planes – be it gliders or having rubber band propeller or even having an engine and a remote control! Well..India was a different country at that time and such fancy toys or kits were not available. I could never make a model plane :-(

While growing up, I used to read a lot about science – electronics, biotic, space shuttles, missiles, solar cars and almost everything! After that, all I wanted to do was to be an engineer. Though I didn’t know what type of engineer does what, I was fancied by science and by the word “engineer”. Though I never made a missile or a solar car, glad - I became an engineer :-)

I am always interested in reading about war stories, military weapons, great missions carried out by spy agencies and gallant wars fought by armies. During end of my engineer, I thought of joining SSC (short service commission) – a 5 year stint with army. I sent a form to find out more information but I didn’t receive any information. So instead of being in army, I ended up playing with computers in IT firms.

During first year of college, I was scared to death by looking at the computers. I swear! I didn’t touch computer for more than a year and I used to mug up entire programs for written examination! Why? Because for one good year, I could never understand how come “a=a+1;” is a valid statement? All the mathematics learning I did over the years made me refusing this equation!

After completing engineering (and by then, I was in love with computers :-)), all I wanted to do was – to play with computers and to grow in my job faster than others. I still remember - first day at first job..my first project..my first interaction with a customer..my first promotion… Yeah for most part of my career, I grew faster than others. Though sometimes "growth" and "money" are not related...

Now it’s been over 9 years since I started my professional career.

What next?

Promotion? Higher designation? To grow faster than others? Few more jazzy words to glorify my work?


At this stage of my life, I feel like throwing everything away important job, mission critical projects, cutting edge technology, air conditioned office. Then what I want to do? Well..Just pick up my backpack and be an explorer! To explore right from a metro city to tiny hamlet, from crowded locality to almost barren terrain, from scorching hot desert to snow filled mountains, from east to west and north to south...sand, water, grass, snow, air...and everything that mother nature has gifted us.

Yeah all I want to do is – explore the unknowns...
More and more I think of it, more and more I crave for it. I feel inspired and jealous every time I see travel shows, every time I read a travelogue, every time I think of my past backpacking trip...I feel such a strong force within me which is screaming loud at me to get rid of everything and run to fulfill my desire..

Though I always love to read about places, cultures, history, people – It’s my backpacking trip to Hampi which made me realize - what I was missing in my life for so many years and what brings real happiness to the innermost part of mine.

Why am I writing this? I don’t know. I am contemplating for quite some time and I realize that with every passing day, my desire is getting stronger and stronger…

What next?

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Anonymous said...

U wrote this coz wen u realise wht yr passion is, u want to reach out to it...n also maybe becoz u hve planned yr next trip already n can't wait to get there!! :)

Mihir said...

Thanks Anonymous :-)

Can I know your name please!


Vivid said...


I am happy for you and respect your thoughts, I would say sometimes short escape is good.

It was your destiny to be a project leader. And today you are.

I think we both had similar life.And you will be glad to know that I have a model plane (Cessna 470), a telescope, a microscope and other science project kit, guitar, flute, piano. (these all things I bought just in past two years). I till have a small list what I want Next.

So Moral is simple, plan it and enjoy it fully. Inhale your joy of nature and refresh yourself again. Fulfil your desires.

Good luck.
BTW where is your next holiday stop?


Randy said...

My first real job was working in a hospital as a medical specialist. I did many of the same duties as a registered nurse as I worked on the labor & delivery ward - helping women deliver their babies. What a wonderful time. Then things changed around me and I found myself changing careers and became an intelligence analyst, and then a systems engineer. The money was good, but I was not really helping other people (or animals). Not too long ago I became aware of why I no longer get excited about work - and it's the lack of helping others. Sure, what I do today helps someone, but it's different from helping someone that really needs my help. Because of this new awareness, I've been working with a mentor to help me find something that will interject meaning into what I do.

Here's my point - you only go through life one time, and if you're not doing something that truley brings joy to your soul, then I believe you should work towards doing something about it. Perhaps I'm just rambling on, but every day is a new opportunity to do something meaningful for mankind - so let's try not to waste any of them. :-)

Mihir said...

Very well said Randy. Yeah it's all about finding a meaning in what you do.. Finding a work that satisfies your soul..

I need to find a way very soon. Either to go for what I want to do or finding opportunities within current set up which can satisfy my soul. If not, I will be stranded.

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts :-)

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