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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Second SHOCK of My Life…

Sounds like title of the next Chetan Bhagat novel? If so, I feel “Second shock of my life” sounds less hurting and more appealing then” Three mistakes of my life”!

Anyways, this is not a novel. Not a story. This is stark reality.

February 2001
I moved to Bangalore in 2001. To find a job, to make my career. How old I was? 23 years.

I stayed with a college friend. It was two storied house and I was staying at the first flood. On ground floor, we had landlord, his wife and two children. One was around 10 year old and second one was 7 year old.

It took little while to befriend with owners. Slowly, children started coming to our room to play games on computer.

One day, they wanted to ask something and one of them asked : “Uncle, ………………”

UNCLE? Holy Molly…! Damn…! I was so SHOCKED! I was just 23! Before that, I was never ever addressed by anyone as UNCLE!

That was the FIRST SHOCK of my life!

April 2009
I was at Surat to attend my cousin’s wedding. He is 26 year old. I was seeing him almost after 10 years! It’s fun to meet relatives as I don’t see most of them for years and years. I met my uncle at the railway station and I touched their feet a very normal Indian way to show respect for elders. I did that to all aunts and uncles I met on next day.

So on the previous day of marriage, there was engagement ceremony. By the way, my cousin and his fiancée were classmates while studying medicine. [That means bride is also 26 years old…Keep that in mind].

After engagement, my cousin was introducing his fiancée to everyone. I was sitting in garden with my dad when my cousin came.

He introduced me to her and told her : he is my elder brother. Alright. And what her fiancée did? Well well well..Keeping Indian tradition of showing respect to elders, she bent and touched my feet!!!

Holy Molly…! Damn…! I was SURPRISED, STUNNED and SHOCKED! Touching my feet? Before that, nobody ever touched my feet. I was totally zapped; I didn’t even know how to react! I said something like – congrats, all the best.. [God damn, I don’t even remember what I said as I was still in state of shock :)]

Well I touched feet of my uncles and aunts who are about 25 to 35 years elder then me.

But a 26 year old girl touching my feet???

That was the SECOND SHOCK of my life!!!

Nah – I am not waiting for the third shock of my life :)

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Biraj said...

Lol....Such is life...full of Shockin surprises!! :D

Himani said...

I thought I was the third shock of ur life :S

Purav Shah said...

hahahaha, cool. Its too early to realize that you are old :-)

Mofi said...

hihihi!! phunni post!! :)

sharmila said...

yaar... budhe ho... you are what THIRTY now.... ;)

Pal V said...

lol :) imagine, u get married to a girl 1-2 years older than u nd she touching ur feet on the "first night".... that may be the THIRD and probably the last shock of ur life :))))))))))))) just imagine!!!!!!!!!

Mihir said...

@Pal : LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Hold your imagination mate...! Hahahahaha..

chandni said...

Pal V - hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa
Awwwwllll... I m at work and I should laugh like mad here. I should STOP reading ur blog at work.

chandni said...

aaah man, Pal V's comment is just too funny, I cant still stop laughing

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