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Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Enigma Called Indian Democracy

Elections results are out. It's a mixed bag for me. From 16th May 2009, 8am – till now (and till the next election….)

I am disappointed -
  • Because I didn’t expect election results the way it came.
  • Because I will be ruled by “Puppet Singh” for the next 5 years.
Because Rahul baba will become the PM whenever he DESIRES (Yeah those are the word of Janardan Dwivedi – who is the chairman of media cell for congress). After all, India is Rahul baba’s property. He can come and rule us whenever he desires.

[On projection of Rahul Gandhi as a candidate for the prime minister's post, Dwivedi said. "the PM's chair is Rahul's future and he is the future leader of the party. It depends on Rahul when he will desire and when such a situation will arise. But as of now, Rahul has other priorities," he said.]

Reference :

  • Because its a shame that national election is not fought on national issues like terrorism, economy, vision for development, national integrity, controlling population, increasing resources.
  • Because national election is fought based on caste, region, mind boggling and unrealistic freebies, cheap promises, money and muscle power.
  • Because one bottle of alcohol, 500 rupee note and a plate of biryani decides who will rule us.
  • Because 150 members out of 544 are tainted having criminal background.

I am confused -

  • When I think - where this nation is heading for? What will be the state of this nation after 10, 20 or 40 years?
  • When I think – What is the difference between monarchy and democracy where one family rules one billion people for four generations?
  • When I think – If Indians will ever look beyond their family, home and caste and think about the nation?

I am happy -
  • That Lalu is defeated. I won’t have to see Lalu’s nautanki on TV :)
  • That Mulayam and Amar singh are brought down to earth.
  • That Mayawati must have realized that she is not what she thinks of herself… Dilli abhi dur hai…
  • That many DONs, criminal and bahubalis have lost their election – very badly :)
  • That democracy gives you a chance after every 5 years to bring a change. So hope by next election...mmmm..yeah, hope!
  • And above all, Left front is cut to the size! I am sure now they have more leaders then number of seats in parliament :-). I will pray for the day when country is sanitized from the leftover communist.

The Conclusion

Hope and faith in God – these are the two essential necessities to survive in India.

Parting Notes
A picture is worth a million words... It says ALL!

© Except image in this post, all rights reserved with Mihir Rawal. To re-print or re-use, prior permission is required from the author.


Vivid said...

yes it's ashamed for us. But Mihir, Does it really make any difference?

Imagine if NDA won and then what? I don't see any differences at all for long term. I am not saying that I am not supporting NDA but I felt indside something is still missing for our nation.

Pal V said...

I would have loved to see you writing the same (like the math of rs.500/- ) behind every vote if NDA won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mihir said...

Well I don't defend any party. They all do rigging to certain extent.

However, BJP survives more on middle class votes and urban votes where they don't fall for 500 rupee or a plate of biryani.. while congress mainly survives on slums and other backward votes where it's easy to buy votes..

I never say NDA is clean... All politicians are corrupt to an extent.. However, being corrupt is one thing and being biased, anti national is another thing...

Biraj said...

Will not comment on the political view...u'll anyways get more of those... but loved the cartoon! ..wherever did u get it from!?! :D

Mihir said...

@Vivid :

Very true mate. Something is really missing... not just in politician or with political party but with everyone who live in this country..

I think we all are selfish to an extent and our identity ends with our family, home, caste and at the most - region. Our identity never reaches to NATION and that's why nation sits low in our priority.

Patriotism in our country is seasonal... if Kargil war.. If Mumbai attack... everyone will be patriotic but after a week or month, we go back to our favorite activity - screw our nation.

Sad. But true.

Nagraj said...

Agree to a lot of comments, but I am not sure if I agree with your's Mihir about patriotism shown during 26/11. I guess any respect I had for Mumbaiites was lost the moment they did not vote. I mean why show off in candle marches and all showbiz stuff but not take part in the most important event of the nation. Also I seriously feel 26/11 was blown out of proportion just because a 5 star hotel was seiged. Had it just been limited to the railway station, we would have said it was another terror attack. I guess more than missing the concept of a nation, we lack a sense of ownership of each and every Indian who is losing his life to terrorism. The day we react like US did, is when I would say we have awakened.

Vivid said...


Patriotism is good word.Let me suggest what exactly we lack of .... "Ignited Mind".

I will not argue about politics or terror attacks. Ask yourself in front of mirror - "Am I awaken yet?"....


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