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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thrilling, Scary, Exciting, Funny, Silly, Memorable – All sort of Experiences in just 3 days!

After visiting a doctor and having 4 round of medicine, I am feeling lot better. As it’s being election day here, it’s a holiday which gave me some extra rest. So just thought of penning down some of the Dandeli experience..

It’s amazing that every trip brings new experiences. Every time we do something which we have never ever done in the past! Here are some of such things from my trip of Dandeli…

Moonlight walk in the Jungle
Sounds romantic? Well, take this : To walk on trails and dry leaves. Being surrounded by trees, darkness and unknowns! To get surprised by a tree branch crossing your way (almost makes you feel as if you have encountered a snake.. hiss hiss) or a tree root makes you stumble.. LOL!

All you have is moonlight, a torch, 15 other people and a guide. Most of the time, I preferred to walk ahead of the guide as it brings thrill of facing unknown. What’s the fun if I am 14th in the line of 15 people?

To use a life jacket
I have seen life jackets many times [though never touched one]. Even while flying, they show a demo – how to use it. But the biggest question I always have is – does it work??

It works!!!

On the first day, I saw few chaps floating in the water (near riverbank) wearing life jackets. I was little apprehensive about trying it out but once I jumped, it was FUN! If you love water, if you don’t know swimming and yet you have assurance that you won’t sink, it’s like you obtaining some magical power!

On curvy mountain roads, to race in open jeeps running at close to 100kmph!
Three open jeeps, each one carrying 10 people and each one trying to outdo each other on curvy mountain roads. I was sitting at the end of an open jeep with one leg hanging outside the jeep. Now it’s surely a scary sight to have a jeep chasing you at 100kmph! Jeep following us came as close at 10 feet! Boy that was one hell of a ride… Want to see? Check out these videos :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABBJhKY9fUM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfMMdo_6xYQ

To sit just 2 feet away from a bunch of honeybees
I was sitting on a rock, stretching my feet and admiring a waterfall and all sudden heard buzzing sound. Looked around and saw this bunch of honeybees just couple of feet away. On other day, I would have jumped off even having one honeybee around. This time, I just stayed, watching them, observing without retreating my leg. Nothing happened! Touchwood :-)

To play tambola with 25 people (and monitoring and explaining to 4 kids about rules and numbers they need to strike every time a number is announced) I lost one price for completing one of the raw as I was occupied explaining kids and didn’t realize I had completed a row. Cruel organizer didn’t hear my plea and I lost on making some money :-( Huhuhu…

To play Chor – Police with 6 kids
Yeah I was the lone thief and all 6 kids took great pride in chasing me from all direction and circling me like a real life chase!

To travel with 30 people
Right from our Group Manager to the junior most, we were group of 30 (including children). When you want to have FUN, nothing helps more than a group of known people :-)

To wear sleeveless T-shirt and shorts for 3 days
I carried a bunch of clothes but I ended up wearing couple of sleeveless t-shirts and shorts throughout the stay. Having less and comfortable clothes brings that feeling of relaxation and enjoying vacation :-)

To stand at the doorstep of a running train and being splashed by raindrops
Though my mom finds air travel scary and risky, she still feels happy when I travel through plane as I can’t stand at the doorstep of a plane :-) I always prefer to spend some time at the doorstep whenever I travel through train. While coming back from Dandeli, I was standing at the doorstep and all sudden it started drizzling. WOW! It was heavenly feeling to have raindrops splashing all over my face... If you get a chance, don’t miss to experience it!

Changing underwear 8 times in 3 days
No other thoughts! It’s just too much of water sports :-) LOL!

Have you tried this? If not, you must!! In nutshell, it’s all about climbing down from a rock by using a rope. May sound very simple but trust me, nothing is more scary and exiting to be standing on the edge of a stone, your back facing the depth, you are holding a rope and then you have to push yourself backward in the air while keeping your feet straight.. you know what, it stops your heartbeat for a moment!

Rafting! Rafting! Rafting!
This is another adventure which you must try! Wearing a life jacket and helmet, having a paddle in hand, sitting on the edge of a rubber boat and moving along the waves which lifts you and throws you occasionally… And every time it happens, you will be fully covered with the water… and your boat? It just rocks from left to right and up and down.. LOL! I loved rafting so much that I couldn’t stop myself from one more round of rafting on the last day before leaving Dandeli…

Jumping in a river and floating with the current
Now nothing can beat this! On the way while rafting (which was almost 9km long route), our guide asked if anybody would like to jump in the river.. We were at the center of the river where it is the deepest and having strong current flowingI JUMPED! WOO HOO! Yeah I jumped in the river and I don't know swimming! I was floating due to life jacket and when I looked around, I saw – dense trees on either side of the river, my boat which was almost 25 feet away and water, water and more water around me! I just loved the feeling of floating with the current and I will never ever forget this experience…

Sitting on a side berth, watching beautiful countryside, feeling raindrops and writing notes for the blog in a running train
I always prefer to read while travelling. For a change, this time I borrowed pen and paper and started noting down my Dandeli experience to ensure I don’t miss out any of them!

If you enjoyed reading this post, it means you love adventure and new experiences and it means it’s time for you to plan your next trip!

Happy Holidays!

© All rights reserved with Mihir Rawal. To re-print or re-use, prior permission is required from the author.


Anonymous said...

'Thrillin' is the only word I can think of...almost experienced yr trip after readin this.
Keep going! :)

Himani said...

very informatory and exciting..felt as if i was part of the trip myself..

Pal V said...

amazing post..... it felt great reading it all.... superb!!!

Ganesh Bhat(ಗಣೇಶ ಭಟ್ಟ ) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ganesh Bhat(ಗಣೇಶ ಭಟ್ಟ ) said...

did u visit kavala caves n synheri rocks????both these places r near dandeli....so did u like dandeli??

Mihir said...

@Ganesh : I couldn't visit kavala caves but I went to synheri rocks.. It was really good! I love Dandeli... After all I got so much from there in just three days! Have you been there?

Ganesh Bhat(ಗಣೇಶ ಭಟ್ಟ ) said...

i m from dandeli...its my home town...

Anonymous said...

hi mihir,
I had been to dandelhi on my school trip...i just remember dandelhi paper mills. thick forest...thatz all...but after reading u r article i just luv to explore once again, the river rafting , travelling on a open jeep soundz really good...

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