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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mera Bharat Pareshan : Educated laborers and illiterate unqualified billionaires

Nowadays, I get up in morning and tune in to news channel. I come home in evening and tune in to news channel. Yeah its election season and I have been following elections very closely.

I am amazed. Yeah I am amazed at amount of assets each politician declares. And yeah, as you rightly guessed, what they declare is just the tip of the iceberg.

299 crore rupee [2990 million rupee]. Yeah that’s the highest asset declared by Congress candidate from Vijayawada [Andhra Pradesh]. Looking at this election, someone who has asset of 1 crore rupee [10 million rupee] is now appears as “poor” politician!

Oh and I still remember how “rich” I used to feel when I had 5 rupee note in my pocket - in 1989.

In 2009, rupee has lost – meaning, shine, and value. So as human life.

I am wondering. Currently I am working for one of the best [or the best] company. [Officially] I am in the most lucrative profession in India. I earn very decent amount compare to most other Indians of my age earn.


  • I don’t own a house. Yeah I can buy house on loan but it’s a scary thought to take loan of 4 million rupee and pay 40K of EMIevery monthfor next 20 years.
  • I don’t own a car.
  • I don’t have exorbitant bank balance.
  • I don’t know how tomorrow will be. I don’t know how much money I will need to live a decent life – after a year – after 5 year – after 10 year and after I retire. Looking at present, I just don’t know how my future will be.

And a politician – having no qualification – no knowledge – no degree - [officially] we don’t know how he earns – [officially] we don’t know when he earns – yet, earns millions and billions of rupees!

I can’t dream of owning a house and they have multiple apartments / bungalows / farm houses / cars / gold / cash / stocks! Without any known source of income!

I am thinking:

Am I in wrong profession? OR is it time for cleansing the most corrupt profession in India?

What you say?

What you think?

Will you vote this time?

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deepika said...

how true.... there is no end to our wonders when we talk about Indian politicians..............

Nagraj said...

Well although I share your surprise on how the politicians have amassed so much without a well known earning source. But then I am not sure if politician bashing is the answer. Are we all not corrupt at our own levels. Do we not bribe the transport authorities to get license, not to get challaned? At the end of the day it is just 544 people who make it to the LS and the total number of candidates would be in the regoin of 1-2 lakhs. that leaves a billion corrupt Indians. I am a firm believer that if we need to change our country it should be starting with us and then family and relatives and then the country. I know it sounds idealistic but Gandhi / Lenin / Bose / Hitler / Lincoln are not characters in fiction or fairy tales. They are people who walked on this planet and made an impact.

Mihir said...

@Nagraj : Though I agree with you, not completely. I feel it's lot easier to have few sane people at center rather then changing 1 billion people.

Remember, one good person at center can influence / force lot many good things.

I am not saying we don't have to change people on the road. But we can't wait for 1 billion people to be changed to see the result. If we can start kicking out bastards at the center and folks like Abdul Kalam, Arun Shourie deciding rules and regulation, we can see lot many changes which will trickle down - though people like it or not.

It has to run in parallel.. trying to make people aware about being a good citizen and kicking out assholes from New Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Good write to make people think...n as well getting them to vote too!

Mofida said...

a thought-provoking piece!! I think time has come dat v take matters in r hand!! wid d awareness campaigns to vote, let's see watz d outcome of these elections, I feel dat der will be a Coalition government dis time.

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