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Monday, April 20, 2009

Let Us Be Monkey Again!

Its strange feeling. I am covered with tight waist belts and hooks. I am wearing a helmet as well. Standing just one foot away from the cliff, lot of thoughts going on in my mind and yet mind appears to be absolutely blank. I am turning my head to have a glance and immediately instructor is telling me not to look back.

There are moments in your life… moments when you rethink about your own decision. You wonder, curse and kick yourself for taking that decision. Without exception, such moment arrives only when it’s too late to change your decision and you don’t have any other option except to go ahead with your decision.

While standing on a cliff, listening to instructor, holding the rope and trying to look back, I am going through same emotions why I decided to do this?

Yes – I am doing rappelling. In next few moments, I will climb down a rock with the help of a rope. Here is the rock I will be climbing down.


The toughest part of rappelling is – when you are standing on the cliff and you have to lean back your body while keeping your feet straight. You have to make L shape where “I” is your upper body and “_” is your legs. So from standing upright position, you have to make L shape and only way you can do is – by leaning back in the air! WOO HOO! Lean back in the air! Your legs are barely holding the cliff, and that’s the only worldly contact you have with mother earth! Rest of your body is hanging in the air… Like a monkey hanging from a branch :)

After you lean back in the air, you have to make THE TOUGHEST move. You need to lift one of your legs (and that’s your only contact with the earth!) and move it down by couple of feet, rest it firmly against the rock and then do the same with the other leg. If you do these steps successfully, you are greeted with bouquet of dust all around you! Here… do you except flowers? LOL!

Now you are couple of feet below the cliff. You are still scared, thrilled…and above all,EXCITED! This is the most interesting position in your journey of rappelling. Why? Because you have successfully completed first couple of moves and now you are on your way!! YIPPI! Take couple of more steps… go down little further…

P1040045 rappelling

Around 10 feet down, all sudden instructor is asking me to stop. Okay. I stopped. Now next instruction is surprising and scary! He is asking me take off my hands from the rope! (You have two ropes around you. One is attached to the rock above you and another one is in instructor’s hand). Now all my senses, my conscious don’t allow me to take off the hands… After all, that’s the only string attached! Reluctantly, I take off my hands and hey! I am hanging in the air! WOO HOO! Amazing! Few feet down the cliff, I am hanging in the air thorough a rope. He is a funny chap. He released the rope by couple of feet and bang! I felt the jerk and I was pushed down by couple of feet in hanging state! Now that was really scary and my survival instinct forced me hold back the rope in a split second!

After that, it’s all FUN! Now you have done rappelling for few feet, you know it’s safe and you know it’s thrilling! Best part of rappelling is to jump like a monkey. Yeah you release the role a little and that brings you down by few feet. You rest your legs against the rock and release the rope again. When you follow this sequence at fast pace, it appears like a monkey climbing down by taking small jumps!

I am enjoying being a monkey..LOL! ...and all sudden my legs touched the ground…Hmmm its mixed bag. I am happy to know that I successfully completed rappelling and yet I am unhappy because I want to do some more of it! I was really enjoying!!!

Earlier while watching rappelling on TV, I never thought how exciting it can be and now I am a fan of rappelling! I am looking forward to next opportunity. This time, from even greater height :)

It’s scary, thrilling, exciting. It will surely make adrenaline rush through your entire body! You must experience rappelling once in your life!

Go – do it!

Happy Jumping!

© All rights reserved with Mihir Rawal. To re-print or re-use, prior permission is required from the author.


Himani said...

what are the places where rappling is conducted..tell me abou delhi/gurgaon

Yasha said...

WOW.. tht was awesum but i dont think i'll ever be able to do this.. its so scary.. m bad at trekkin only..

Anonymous said...

Rapelling has now become my 'to do' thing too...seems too thrilling to be missed!

mofida said...

hmm!! dat sounds pretty interesting!! wld like to do it smtms!!:) whr did u do it? in HYD?

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